More about our Leather

In order to get any leather hide prepared for handcrafting your product to perfection, the skin must go through a tanning process. Although many tanning processes exist, at Hides, we take pride in producing all of our leather products using vegetable tanning process. Why?
Well, simply put, vegetable tanning is the most organic, natural, and oldest method of tanning leather. Vegetable tanning requires the use of rich tree bark extracts, in which leather hides are soaked for long periods of time, often up to two months!
This method is not as common as it requires a stretch of time invested, along with higher costs. General production of leather is done so through chrome tanning, as it is relatively inexpensive. However, this method requires a heavy use of chemicals which may be harmful to the environment.
With vegetable tanning, you can be sure to expect an all-natural process resulting in durable leather products that age with grace over the years. We want to make products worth passing down generations, and always ensure the quality meets those needs.