We set out on a simple mission to acquire high-quality, well-made leather goods that authentically captured Canada's tradition and culture. Owing to the industry's vast production of leather goods, Hides emerged as one of the few companies in North America to provide full-grain vegetable tanned leather. Our goal has been straightforward: to create bags that stand out in the upscale market by offering high-quality leather products that will revolutionize the luxury leather industry. Our bags are designed to be used rough; do not purchase one if you will not be using it!



Our clients and bag owners take great pride in belonging to the HIDES FAMILY. We continue to be dedicated to upholding the ideals and ideas that have guided us since the beginning, which allows us to provide them with a lifetime warranty.

Our passion for creating full grain leather pieces that stand the test of time is reflected in our commitment to heirloom quality. We believe that our leather pieces are not just an accessory, but an investment that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

The Leather


Due to its origins in Northern Kashmir and the Punjab region of South Asia, the leather used at Hides is extremely unique. Because of the extreme temperatures ranging from well over 30 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees, the hides that are produced are of unparalleled quality and full-grain leather that ages gracefully over time.