Carry all your essentials with one of our artisanal leather rucksacks and backpacks, designed with an optimal blend of style and function. 

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Leather Backpacks for Travel and Daily Commute

Our collection of leather backpacks features back-carried holdalls in various sizes, styles, and finishes. We have leather backpacks in timeless black and in classic shades of brown. Want one in red or blue? We have those, too. We have a leather backpack that will match your fashion sense and design taste, whatever your style personality is.

When considering the volume or backpack capacity, you have the option to choose among several sizes. We have large leather rucksacks suitable for when you’re jet setting around the world. Stylish medium-sized leather backpacks for the university and the workplace are also available.

Meticulous Leathercraft, Quality Guaranteed

Aside from bringing you an array of leather bag choices, we’ve also made sure what we offer is well worth the cost. Each leather bag that we produce is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using the finest materials.

We use 100% full-grain leather which is the finest, most durable leather available in the market. It’s the strongest and most long-lasting type of leather. Why? It’s because it retains the hide’s natural and original characteristics including the entire thickness of the grain and the oil-absorbing properties. For full-grain leather, it goes straight into the vegetable tanning process after the hair is removed. The mark removal, sanding, or buffing procedures are skipped. This means that the grain remains tight or densely packed resulting in a strong surface that can withstand tough use.

To further ensure the reliability of our leather backpacks specially when packed with a heavy load, we have reinforced the stress points with rivets and extra stitching if necessary. For parts requiring zippers, we use trustworthy self-lubricating YKK zippers that will run smoother the more you use them.

One thing is sure at Hides Canada: our leather bags are built to do what they’re supposed to – hold, carry, protect, and transport what you need so you can go through your day with ease.

Made to Last with Lifetime Guarantee

Hides Canada stands behind the quality of its work. Our Lifetime Warranty displays the level of confidence we have in our products. If something happens to your Hides leather backpack, just contact us and we will immediately attend to your concern. Depending on the issue, we may offer a repair service or a replacement.

Shop now and see for yourself how a Hides Leather Backpack differs from the rest.