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Fall Leather Essentials for Women - Accessories & Apparel

They say shopping is one of the best forms of therapy, and considering the year we’ve had in 2020, we all could use some of that. Of course, we don’t want you to splurge in any way that will hurt your budget. But it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself to something nice after the miserable last few months we’ve had. 
With that said, you should take a look at your wardrobe and closet and consider adding some new leather this fall. The most fashionable women out there know that the right leather accessories and apparel can add some major style points to their wardrobe, and express aspects of their personality that other types of clothing can’t. 
With that said, we’re going to take a look at some essential leather items that every fashionable woman should look into. 

List of Essential Women’s Leather Goods & Apparel 

If you need a little more leather in your life, then rest assured that you will have tons of options to choose from. With that said, the choices can seem overwhelming when you’re faced with them. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a list of leather essentials. 

Leather Essentials for Women

  1. Women’s Leather Jackets
  2. Women’s Leather Backpacks
  3. Women’s Leather Totes
  4. Women’s Leather Accessories

Regardless of whether you’re conservative or experimental, you will definitely find some leather accessories and apparel to suit your taste. 

Leather Jackets

Every fashion-conscious woman should consider owning a leather jacket if they don’t own one already. A leather jacket can be worn over just about anything - a pair of jeans, a sundress, a romper - a leather jacket rounds out any look.
When it comes to elements such as colour, design/stitching and fit, you can find a leather jacket to compliment your taste in each category. If you prefer a more conservative colour (ie. black) with pockets and that comes in a slim fit, you can find one. 
If you prefer a brighter colour (ie. red) that’s quilted and a bit bulkier, there’s a jacket for you too And a leather jacket is not only a fashion statement, it’s a personality statement as well. Whether you want to show off that you’re edgy, elegant or adventurous, a leather jacket can accentuate those sides of your personality. 
Many leading ladies in entertainment, sports, business and politics who have a killer sense of fashion have probably been spotted in a leather jacket at least a few times! 

Our Top Picks for Leather Jackets

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Leather Backpacks

In a previous post, we talked about leather backpacks being a girl’s best friend. We weren’t exaggerating. Leather backpacks are a triple threat of fashion, function and form. 
They’re functional because they’re ideal for travelling whether that means running errands or taking a COVID-friendly trip (ie. a drive up north). They’re fashionable - especially for Millennial and Gen Z women - because you can wear them and coordinate them with your jeans, skirt, sweater or pretty much anything else you like to wear. They’re also perfect in form because they’re lightweight (reducing neck, back and shoulder strain) but also very durable. 
And like many other leather accessories, you can get leather backpacks in all sorts of colours, styles and designs. It’s safe to say that a leather backpack may be the most essential leather accessory on any woman’s list. 


Our Top Picks for Leather Backpacks

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Leather Tote Bags

A leather tote bag isn’t as functional as a leather backpack, since it can put a strain on your shoulders if it’s too heavy from having too much in it. But they’re a perfectly fashionable option for the days you want to head out but don’t have much to carry. Think of all the T.V. shows, movies, photos and outings you’ve encountered where you said: “I love her bag”. Chances are that many of those were tote bags! 
Leather totes quite frequently come in a variety of colours and although they often have a similar shape, the textures and stitching can still make similar-looking options unique. The cool thing about leather totes as well is that they can match with just about anything in your closet right now, making them one of the best fashionable leather accessories you can own. And they’re also quite affordable compared to other leather items. 

Our Top Picks for Leather Tote Bags

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Leather Wallets

Leather wallets are often part of a woman’s fashion repertoire. When your fancy leather wallet sees the light of day, you can be assured that admirers will take notice. Leather wallets come in different shapes and sizes, but one of their most charming qualities is the fact that the range of colours they come in. 
From black and brown to orange or red, you can find leather wallets in many shades of colour, both conservative ones and bold ones. They’re also surprisingly affordable and make a great compliment to most items in your closet. 

Our Top Picks for Leather Wallets

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Make Leather the Name of Your Fashion Game this Season

If you’re looking for some genuine, high quality leather to up your fashion game this season, rest assured that there many many options on the table. Whether it’s a new leather jacket or fancy leather backpack, you can add a whole new style dimension to your wardrobe. You won’t regret the effort after seeing the results.  
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