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The Best Women’s Leather Jacket Looks For Each Body Type

The concept of body types and shapes by now is old news and you can probably identify what shape you are. As a recap, there are four primary body shapes attributed to women's figures - the rectangle, the hourglass, the apple and the pear.

Like anything else, a leather jacket can be worn better or worse depending on how you match it with your body.

Women’s Leather Jacket for the Rectangle

According to some sources, “the rectangle” is the most common body shape among women. Women with a rectangular body shape have an athletic look, with a balanced bust and hips, and a waist that’s not accentuated or defined. 

The shoulders are roughly the same width as the hips, giving these women a linear appearance. They also happen to be taller, thinner and leggier than others (ie. think Victoria Secret runway model). In showbiz, you’ll recognize these features in actresses such as Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz. 

If that shape describes you, then you might opt for a leather jacket with a cropped or elastic waist style to accentuate your hips a bit more. Bomber jackets are often a good place to start. You can also opt for jackets with belts, buckles and zippers since they add the illusion of more weight, which can add to a fuller appearance - assuming that’s what you’re after! 

Women’s Leather Jacket for the Hourglass

The ideal look back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and lost to a more fashion model aesthetic in the 70s and 80s, the hourglass has made a comeback in terms of its appeal. The hourglass shape looks exactly like how it sounds, thanks to a wide bust, narrow waist and wide hips similar to the measurement of the bust.

If you fall into the hourglass category, then you’ll want to wear a leather jacket that “hugs” your body, as this will accentuate your natural curvy shape. Fitted leather jackets or bomber jackets work well in that regard, and waistbands will also highlight your figure. Avoid wearing a jacket that is overly boxy or just plain oversized as it will drown your figure. 

Women’s Leather Jacket for the Apple

If you’ve got the apple body, you can be described in many ways - “voluptuous” and “full-figured” are some of the more common descriptors. Women with an apple body shape have a wider torso, with broader shoulders, a full bust and a waist that’s not as defined.

For the apple-shaped physique, a leather jacket that’s longer will elongate the rounder look of the apple. A-line or straighter fits will complement the apple-shaped body as well, especially if you want to downplay your midsection a little more. 

Women’s Leather Jacket for the Pear

Last but not least comes the pear-shaped body. A woman with a pear-shaped body will carry most of their weight below the waistline. The shoulders are narrower than the hips and the bust is smaller. However, the waist is defined, and the hips and thighs are full. They’re essentially the hourglass below the waist and more rectangular above.

If you’re rocking a pear-shaped figure, an A-line or waist-length leather jacket will look great on you. A pear shape also allows you to wear a boxier fit, where the larger top part can sport a folding collar or breast pockets. A cropped jacket that ends just above the hips will accentuate your curvier lower half while drawing attention to your upper body simultaneously.

Leather Jacket Looks for Women of All Shapes

Depending on how you feel about your body type, you might think that other women will have no trouble finding the best leather jacket while you struggle. But that’s far from being true. There’s a leather jacket and a corresponding look for you, regardless of whether you’re an hourglass, rectangle, apple or pear-shaped woman. Visit our women’s jacket collection for your perfect fit and style today!