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8 Famous Flicks & T.V. Hits that Featured Cool Leather Accessories & Gear

Have you ever watched a box-office blockbuster or a critically-acclaimed T.V. show and found yourself in awe of a character’s attire? Costume design can look as dazzling as an action scene or visual FX. No wonder our fashion choices are heavily influenced by what we see on the big screen. 
Leather apparel and accessories are a good example of this. 
From leather jackets to bags and even gloves, some of our favourite fictional characters have worn leather that makes us say, “I want that!” We’ll take a look at popular movies and shows that feature leather accessories and their influence. 

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Leather Gloves

Breakfast at Tiffany’s - leather gloves.
The epitome of elegance, the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s will forever touch our hearts due to its stunning artistry and unforgettable performance by Audrey Hepburn. Speaking of Mrs. Hepburn, the leather gloves she wore are also unforgettable. 
They were Long Satin Opera gloves made from leather and achieved fame in the fashion world for how well they complimented her dress. Then again, maybe it achieved fame because of how classy Audrey made them look...

2. Spectre (007) - Leather Gloves 

Spectre - leather gloves.
There’s no need to describe Mr. Bond’s impeccable fashion sense to you - just watch any 007 flick and you’ll see it for yourself. Case in point, Spectre is a display of gorgeous locales, beautiful women, fast-paced action scenes and leather - namely, Bond’s perforated leather gloves. 
In one driving scene, Bond grips the wheel of an Aston Martin wearing these iconic pair of gloves. It’s a trademark of his, not to mention, a great example of how leather gloves can be a simple yet suave compliment to a man’s wardrobe.

3. Drive - Leather Gloves

Drive - leather gloves.
Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, Drive combined elements of crime, action and arthouse films to make it one of the most critically-acclaimed films of 2011. It was artsy, action-packed, and strikingly different, and featured one of Ryan Gosling’s most understated yet riveting performances. 
And here’s a mild spoiler alert - in many scenes, Gosling’s character can be seen putting rustic-brown leather gloves on or wearing them while driving. They compliment his leather jacket but also accent his masculine, tough-guy persona. So for all you guys who want to make a strong impression, take note. 

4. The Matrix - Leather Jacket

The Matrix - leather jackets.
The blue pill, the red pill, the tentacle machines, the mind-bending visuals - how could one ever forget The Matrix (at least the original)? It was the first of its kind for a film in the 90s, and you probably will never forget that feeling you had when you saw the showdown between Neo and Agent 47!
The sci-fi action extravaganza blended existential philosophy and cinematic innovations (such as bullet-time) like no other. Besides, its showcase of jackets sparked a feverish interest in leather and became a staple for almost every man and woman. Seriously, who can deny the undeniable cool look that Neo, Trinity and Morpheus exude while wearing those leather jackets?

5. Sex and the City - Leather Bags

 Sex and the City - leather bags. 
It’s hard to believe that this decade will soon mark the 30th year anniversary since the debut of Sex and the City. We’ll forever remember Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha for all their sass, wit, drama and of course, wardrobe!
Almost every episode was a fashion show within itself - the dresses, the jewelry, the shoes - all of it was on full display and much of it was leather. Speaking of leather, Sex and the City was an exhibit, especially when it came to handbags. 
Among them was Carrie’s saddlebag, a Birkin bag worn by Lucy Liu (who guest-starred on the series) and more. Sex and the City inspired a generation of young women to experiment with various wardrobe choices including leather accessories and goods. 

6. Grease - Leather Jackets

Grease - leather jackets. 
So far we’ve featured a lot of action films so we’ll tone things down a bit. Enter Grease. We’ll forever love the sizzling chemistry between John Travolta and Olivia-Newton John - that’s undeniable and needs no explanation. 
Apart from the dance moves, the slick hairstyle and smile, it’s the leather jacket that comes to mind when you think about Danny Zuko. It cemented Danny as a cultural icon, but also, it demonstrated the alluring power that men can exude when they wear leather. 

7.Mad Max - Leather Jackets

Mad Max - Leather Gloves.
Max Rockatansky, in his many renditions, made a post-apocalyptic Earth seem cool, at least fashion-wise, that is. The Mad Max series gave us a frightening yet stunning depiction of what the world could look like after an oil crisis and a global war (not like we want to envision that these days). 
The series also gave men and women pointers on how to pull off a rugged look with leather, especially the rugged, rebel biker look. In fact, we’ll say that Mad Max should be your guide on how to unleash your inner tough-guy/girl with a leather biker jacket. 

8.Gossip Girl - Leather Jackets

Gossip Girl - Leather.

The backstabbing drama of Gossip Girl has kept fans loyal and eager for years with its star-studded cast, which includes the likes of Blake Lively, Kirsten Bell, Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford. But the series also kept fans glued to the screen for the impeccable fashion sense of the characters. 
Among the mix was an assortment of women’s leather accessories and goods. A particularly notable episode featured Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) walking through Grand Central. She wore a leather blazer and carried a leather satchel that left fashion reviewers in awe.

Leather’s Influence on Hollywood and Vice-Versa

The worlds of fashion and film have shared a kinship for several decades, a kinship that will live on. Leather has played a pivotal role in this relationship since it has immortalized our favourite characters and started fashion trends off-screen. 
If there’s anything we can learn from these iconic flicks, is that leather jackets, accessories and bags can bring out the most vivacious facets of our personality. Sure, leather items don’t define us, but they can certainly add some “oomph” to our wardrobes. 
So if you’re looking for a way to revamp your wardrobe and look fly like Audrey or Bond - consider adding some leather to your closet
You’ll turn heads like never before!