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4 Fresh Ways To Wear A Men’s Leather Jacket This Winter

Most fashion-conscious men tend to break out the leather jacket at the dawn of spring or fall. But does that mean you shouldn’t rock a leather jacket in the winter? Not at all! 

You can certainly pull it off providing you’re warm and comfortable when the thermometer drops. With that said, here are a few tips to help you wear leather jacket outfits this winter without sacrificing style or comfort.

Winter Leather Jacket Tip #1 - Layer Up Underneath

In climates such as Canada’s, your warmth and comfort come first. You can easily ensure you stay warm in your leather jacket by layering up.

Kanye west wearing a hoodie as part of a leather jacket outfit.

Man wears a cardigan under his leather jacket.

Wearing a hoodie or turtleneck underneath the jacket is a popular look for both its insulating and aesthetic appeal. If you want to play up the “smart casual” look, wear a thick cardigan underneath. Just about anything with long sleeves and heavier materials (such as wool) will do the trick. 

Also, don’t forget your undershirts. Athletic base layers worn under your shirts and sweaters will do wonders to keep you warm and insulated. That leads us to our next point.

Winter Leather Jacket Tip #2 - Get A Slightly Oversized Jacket

Normally, leather jackets look best when they’re trim and snug on your body. However, when wearing leather jacket outfits in the winter, it’s better to choose slightly oversized items. A leather jacket that’s a bit oversized allows you to add those warmer layers underneath as opposed to stuffing them under a tight jacket (which doesn’t look good). 

For example, if you wear a hoodie underneath a slightly larger jacket, the bulk and thickness of the hoodie will fill up the extra space. That will make the jacket snugger anyway, so things balance out. 

Ultimately, the extra space will accommodate those bulkier items so that they don’t feel too tight. You will have the ideal combination of warmth and comfort. 

Some men’s leather jackets will look better or worse than others when oversized, so it’s important that you choose the right jacket from the get-go. 

Winter Leather Jacket Tip #3 - Choose the Right Fit & Style

Ultimately, factors such as your material preference and budget will determine what fit or style of leather jacket you should wear. By wearing a slightly oversized jacket, you’ll have to accept that some styles will either work or just flat-out not work. 

Keep in mind, you don’t want to drown in the fabric. Yes, an oversized jacket will look bigger than a traditional slim fit, but it shouldn’t look like you’re wearing an item that’s several sizes above your ideal fit. Shop mainly for an oversized “cut”, as opposed to merely going for a leather jacket that’s much larger in size. 

Also, wearing an oversized jacket calls for careful consideration of your body type. Don’t underestimate the effect that a leather jacket’s cut and fit have on your appearance. If you’re a shorter guy, for example, wearing an excessively bulky and oversized jacket can make you look childlike. 

Likewise, if you’re a thinner or heavier guy, a jacket that’s too oversized may accentuate or drown your frame. The best way to determine the right size for you, of course, is to try on an oversized cut and get some feedback as to how it looks. 

Winter Leather Jacket Tip #4 - Compliment Your Leather Jacket With the Right Items

Think about what’s in your closet right now. An oversized leather jacket for winter allows you to try some other fashionable looks that you might not have considered before. For example, oversized jackets pair well with slim-fitting or skinny jeans, especially when those jeans are a neutral colour. You can also add accessories such as a belt or a well-matched pair of shoes. 

Considering it is winter, you can add some sensible gear as well such as a wool beanie or a turtleneck - both of which are warm and compliment an oversized cut well. However, be careful with certain items such as scarves since they can give you the impression of being too top-heavy. 

Warm Up to Wearing Leather Jacket Outfits in Winter

When it comes to winter outerwear, you’re more likely going to see recommendations on parkas or peacoats. But leather jacket outfits can serve you well in winter - both from a functional and fashion standpoint. 

Pulling off a winter leather look is all about matching the right layers to keep you warm with the right cuts to ensure that they match the look of your jacket. And if you get combination right, you can walk around this winter with a look that’s a winner in both style and flare.