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The Leather Duffle Bag: A Man’s Best Travel Partner

Whether you are planning an overnight stay at your family’s cottage or a weekend getaway with your friends abroad (when it’s safe to do so), you will need luggage that is durable, reliable, and easy to carry. 
Unsure what to look for? Be like Goldilocks: she didn’t want a bed that was too big or too small, it had to be just right. The same applies to weekend travel bags. They should be compact enough so that you can easily travel with them and yet, still have plenty of space to pack all your essentials. Because realistically, who likes bringing a suitcase with them on a short trip? Nobody. 
Below, we will discuss why we’ve voted the leather duffle bag as one of the best travel bags for men and provide tips on how to find a high-quality leather duffle bag that will last for years to come. 

Leather Duffle Bags: Man’s Favourite Travel Accessory

Let’s face it, as you get older two things become paramount: style and function. The old gym bag you used back in high school that’s had the beating of its life doesn’t have the same appeal now that you’re in your late 20s - early 30s. Instead, men should invest in a quality duffle bag that looks respectable and is capable of fitting into an active lifestyle.
There is something undeniable about high-quality duffle bags made from authentic leather that men are attracted to time and time again. Not only are they made from a sturdy material that is long-lasting but they look unbelievably classy making them an ideal staple for both your work and travel wardrobe. 
Additionally, if you are a frequent flyer, a leather duffle bag is the ideal carry-on. As these travel bags comply with carry-on standards, they will fit in the overhead bin hassle-free while storing all your belongings and streamlining the deplaning process. 

Finding a High-Quality Leather Duffle Bag 

A good duffle bag will do one thing: hold stuff. A high-quality leather duffle bag will help you achieve so much more. That’s why it is important to do your research and choose a bag that is worth the investment. 
Below, we’ve listed helpful tips so that you can purchase with confidence: 
  • Choose a long-lasting material: A leather duffle bag should have the ability to outlast your passport - even better yet, you - despite the years of wear and tear it will be sure to endure. That’s why it is important that you choose a piece made out of full-grain cowhide leather. While it may soften, this material will never lose its strength and instead of becoming dirty over time, it will develop a singular patina that will give your bag extra personality. 
  • Consider style preferences: Like most things, duffle bags come in various shapes and sizes. Think about the purpose that you’ll need this bag for. Size and style will determine whether you need a bag that has enough space to pack all the essentials you’d need for a week-long business trip (e.g. laptop, charger, multiple shirts and suits). Or, if you need something that will easily fit just your phone charger and a spare pair of gym clothes. 
  • Ease of maintenance: If you are a man that is constantly on the move, you’ll need a bag that isn’t high-maintenance. A high-quality leather duffle bag requires only occasional conditioning and proper storage meaning you don’t have to worry about tackling stains or gaping holes.
All of these components are why a leather duffle bag makes the perfect travel companion for men: they are reliable, stylish, durable, and functional. 

Shop Leather Travel Bags and Accessories at Hides 

At Hides, we believe that you should always travel in quality and style. Our collection of leather travel bags and accessories are made from high-quality, genuine leather materials and suit a variety of style preferences.
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