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How To Choose A Women’s Leather Duffel Bag That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Leather duffel bags are an investment piece for your wardrobe. They serve as elegant accessories, tying together any outfit. You can take them to the gym, on a plane, or even use it as a regular workday accessory.

Their looks are important, but their sturdy material is what protects your clothing and belongings from damage during transit and travel. For that reason alone, these bags should never be a purchase that you rush- or you may end up with major buyer’s remorse.

In order to choose a leather duffel bag that’s not only stylish but also worthy of standing up to the test of time, there are a number of considerations that need to be kept in mind including durability, functionality, size, style and organization.

Heard that leather duffel bags aren’t women’s accessories? That’s never been more untrue.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to choose a leather duffel bag that fits into any active woman’s lifestyle.

Choose the Best Materials

There are many duffel bags on the market today that look incredible, but barely last a month before they’re scuffed, worn, and dirty. To say a bag is made of leather is incredibly vague- the manufacturers should be proud of what type of leather they use. It should never be reinforced or shaped with cardboard or synthetic materials.

Full-grain cowhide leather is the most stylish and durable of all the different grades of leather. Instead of looking worn and dirty after frequent use, it develops a characteristic patina and gets softer without losing its strength. A leather duffel bag made from full-grain cowhide leather is an heirloom piece.

The hardware of your bag should also match the quality of the leather. Look for leather duffel bags with strong, sturdy brass hardware and durable zippers.

Size and Style Make a Difference

While it’s essential to choose a piece made from quality materials, size and style are also important. Purchasing a leather duffel bag that’s much too large for your frame, or too small for the number of items you carry regularly won’t do you much good. It’ll be a beautiful piece but will likely languish in your closet instead of being used on a regular basis.

When you’re adding a leather duffel bag to your wardrobe, make sure to select a size and style that work for you. Think about the number of internal and external pockets you’d like, as well as the style of straps and handles that you prefer. 

A military or gym bag style might be ideal for someone who takes more frequent weekend trips, but if you travel by air, a TSA-approved travel duffel may be more functional.

Opt for the Best of Both Worlds by Choosing a Leather Duffel Rolling Bag

If you don’t want to carry a bag over your shoulder or across your back, you’re in luck. There are plenty of great leather duffel rolling bags that come with wheels, so you have the option of rolling your bag or walking with it over your shoulder. 

It’s a great option for air travel and means that zipping from gate to gate on your layover has never been easier.

Shop Every Kind of Leather Duffel Bag at HIDES 

When you’re looking for the right leather duffel bag, it comes down to two things- style, and quality. You need to make sure you’re getting the right bag for your needs. Before you purchase, ask yourself whether the bag fits all your necessities. Does the colour suit your typical outfit? Will you use it often?

After you’re sure you have the right size and style, you need to ensure the quality will stand the test of time. At HIDES, we offer tons of unique styles and sizes, all made in top-quality full-grain cowhide leather. 

Our pieces feature thoughtful touches like feet on the bottom of your bag to avoid scuffs and heavy-duty internal lining made of cotton. Shop online today to see which leather duffel bag is right for your wardrobe.