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Best ways to choose a leather messenger bag for men

With thinning boundaries between what could be termed as formal or casual, the need for accessories and clothes that fulfil both functions has grown. Today’s professionals are looking for accessories which they can team up as both formal and casual so that they do not have to invest in a multitude of accessories for various occasions.
A leather messenger bag is one such accessory which has emerged as a hot trend among office goers. As it is a great blend of a formal briefcase and a casual backpack, messenger bags are great for those who don’t want to lug around a briefcase but would like a mid-sized satchel to carry their essentials. There are a few things to consider when choosing a messenger bag.

Material Quality

Irrespective of the brand or style of bag you wish to buy, it is important to consider the material of the bag. High-quality leather bags not only last longer but also look elite and classy as the years go by. Full grain leather is particularly good and extremely durable.

Considering the accessories

Zippers belts, straps, and closing mechanisms are essential to any bag and must be checked for quality. Make sure to run the zipper or closing mechanism a couple of times before choosing the bag.

Internal fabric

Will you be carrying your water bottle in the bag? If yes, make sure that the internal fabric is water resistant. Remember, once leather comes in contact with water, it can have damaging effects.

Space and flexibility

Deciding what kind of things you wish to carry in your messenger bag will help you to decide the best size and shape of the bag. Make sure to consider the shape and size of your water bottle, lunch bag and the kind of free room you would want for an extra file or folder.

Colour and style

One of the tricky parts of choosing the right leather messenger bag is deciding on the colour and style. The most popular colours in leather are shades of brown, maroon and black. Darker shades of brown and black suit formal and professional occasions and lighter shades are good for casual purposes. Unlike popular belief, the colour of your messenger bag and your other accessories like shoes or belt is not expected to be coordinated.

Cost of a messenger bag

If you are looking for something classy, a high quality lamb or cow leather bag will look better, last longer and will come with a warranty. It is a great idea to invest in the highest quality bag even if it seems pricey. Look for brands like Hides to guarantee that you will get a messenger bag with the highest quality of leather.
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