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Leather Briefcase vs Leather Backpack: Which Is Best For Laptops?

With many individuals working freelance or ‘hot desking’, carrying a laptop around on your shoulder is just a normal daily occurrence. That’s why many are looking for bags that are up to the job. In most cases, laptop bags need to be functional, practical, and stylish - all at the same time. 
Below, we’ll look at the best leather laptop bags that everyone should consider adding to their closet including casual backpacks and sophisticated leather briefcases. 

What are the Features of a Good Quality Laptop Bag? 

A laptop bag isn’t a fashion accessory. Instead, it is more like a mobile desk - it should provide a convenient and yet, protective space for you to carry your most prized work possessions. The main rule of thumb to keep in mind when purchasing a new bag for your laptop is to determine what your needs are. 
For example, are you a frequent traveller? If so, then you will need to make sure that the size of the laptop bag is acceptable as carry-on luggage with your preferred airline. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in various weather conditions you’ll need to choose a waterproof fabric. 
Finally, you’ll need to consider how big your laptop is. Make sure to measure your laptop’s dimensions to ensure that the bag is neither too big nor too small. 

Features to Look For in a Leather Laptop Bag

Below are the features that all good quality laptop bags, especially those made from leather, should provide:
  • Durable design: Your chosen laptop bag is bound to experience wear and tear over time. So, you’ll want to purchase a bag that is designed with longevity in mind. A durable leather laptop bag can stand the test of time and continue to provide unbeatable style and functionality. 
  • Protective interior: The most important job that a laptop bag has to deliver on is protection. When commuting and travelling, it is normal for your laptop to get jostled around especially if you are taking public transport at peak times. A protective and padded interior ensures that your laptop won’t get scratched or damaged as you go from one destination to another. 
  • Weather-resistant: As a Canadian, you will undoubtedly experience all kinds of weather. Sometimes all in one day. It is for this reason that the bag you choose to carry your laptop in needs to be weather-resistant. The great advantage of using a leather laptop bag is the fact that it is treated to withstand rain, sun, snow and more. 
  • Quality: The quality of a leather laptop bag is imperative so don’t forget to look over the smaller details. A quality leather bag will have consistent stitching along the seams and secure fastenings - this improves durability and also adds extra protection to your belongings. 
Once you know how to determine if a leather laptop bag will be up to the job, the next step is to decide which style is best suited to your needs. 

Leather Briefcases vs Leather Backpacks: Which Should You Choose? 

Leather briefcase
Laptops come in all shapes and sizes, as do laptop bags. The two most popular options are leather briefcases and leather backpacks. The reasons you choose one over the other will depend on your personal style and why you need the bag in the first place. Below, we’ll compare what you can expect from both styles. 

Leather Briefcases

The leather briefcase is a classic example of professionalism. It is elegant, sleek, stylish, and practical - a great accessory for the modern-day entrepreneur.
These leather laptop bags provide expandable pockets for storing important documents and a heavy-duty padded laptop compartment that is capable of fitting a 14-inch laptop. These timeless bags also make a lasting impression. Their style means that you can effortlessly go from a stakeholder meeting to a casual dinner with friends without feeling out of place.
Ideal for travelling, if you are the kind of person who is looking for a minimalist briefcase that doesn’t take up too much space and keeps you looking professional, a leather briefcase is a great choice for you. 

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Leather Backpack
A leather backpack is the perfect mix of casual style and sophistication. It is perfect for those freelancers who are either hot desking or like to set themselves in a different coffee shop throughout the week. If you are someone who needs to carry a lot of computer equipment with you, then a backpack option will give you extra lumbar support that you need. 
Leather backpacks that are designed for the tech-savvy in mind are the perfect option as a laptop bag. They come complete with a padded laptop sleeve and additional compartments with zipper closure. Whether going to work, school, or even just a weekend away - this bag provides functionality, comfort, and style. 

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