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Best Leather Accessories for Spring/Summer 2021

A brand new year means another year of stylish fashion trends. While leather accessories are often associated with fall and winter, they can be worn during every season. In fact, a bright floral dress or classic white short-sleeved cotton shirt can be effortlessly accessorized by a leather jacket or leather duffle bag. 
Below, we will look at the top Spring/Summer 2021 trends and which leather accessories you should complement your outfit with. 

The Fashion Trends to Follow in Spring/Summer 2021

As with every year, once a new season rolls around the fashion industry introduces new trends for every man, woman, and child to try. This year is no exception and according to experts in the industry, Spring/Summer 2021 has trends to suit every style and budget. 
Expect to see plenty of monochrome styling, floaty fantasy floral ensembles, bold prints, and structured silhouettes. 

Monochrome Madness

A staple fashion trend that reappears every year - and for good reason! This trend gives everyone the ability to be as creative as they want to be while still looking effortlessly classy. You can make your outfits as minimal or elaborate as you like - this trend is completely versatile. 
The one misconception about the monochrome trend is that you have to wear the same shade from head to toe - this isn’t true. In reality, you can mix and match various shades to create your perfect outfit (think various hues of creams and browns). 
Whether you prefer the classic black and white mix and match option or a more adventurous monochrome ensemble, leather accessories are a great way of adding a pop of colour or uniformity to your outfit.
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Fantastic Florals

Nothing says a new season better than bright, colourful florals. After all, flowers are a sign of rebirth and new beginnings. In Spring/Summer 2021, designers are introducing florals into all of their collections in new and familiar ways. 
It seems that the floral trend is going nowhere fast. For women, this means both floaty floral pieces in sorbet pastel prints and more structured, timeless silhouettes featuring bold, show-stopping hues. For men, expect to see classic floral shirts with Aloha prints and edgier, masculine suits featuring abstract patterns giving 70s-era wallpaper vibes. 
Looking to give your floral outfit some edge? Layering with leather accessories is a great way to give your outfit some unexpected contrast.
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Psychedelic Pops of Print and Colour 

Along with the classic monochrome styles and feminine florals, Spring/Summer 2021 fashion will also bring with it vintage-inspired patterns and punches of bright neon and acid hues. Hardcore colours and prints are the aims of this fashion trend. And don’t be afraid to wear them all at the same time. More is better, in this case.
For those who don’t shy from graphic prints and bold statement pieces, this is certainly the trend for you. Think textural stripes and 70s-inspired prints combined with pops of acid green and neon orange. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose different textures and fabrics - adding a classic leather accessory such as a backpack or wallet is a great way to give your outfit that extra added layer of personality.
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