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Colourful leather products

Let’s face it - some of us are too conservative when it comes to our colour choices. Black, grey, white - sure, they work with everything, but sometimes, you need to make a statement, you need your garb to “pop”. Leather is no exception. There is a broad colour palette to choose from when it comes to leather, and going for a bold and unconventional shade can do wonders for your look and wardrobe. This post will take a look at some brighter colours you can try for leather accessories, and present some examples of these items. 


Chaklait driving gloves for men.
Yes, this name is phonetically similar to the word you’re thinking of - “chocolate”. It is called so due to its shade since it resembles the deep brown tones of dark chocolate. Chaklait can be seen as a conservative colour but it does have character, and it looks great on leather apparel and accessories of all sorts.


Dihaat backpack.
Dihaat, also known as distressed brown, is another shade of brown that has become increasingly trendy over the years. It has a more rustic look that’s very fitting for yuppies (young professionals in their 20s and 30s) since it looks vintage yet modern at the same time. Many of our dihaat leather accessories have textured looks that make these items look flashier than a typical shade of brown. 


Kaafi tote bag.
Here’s another shade of “brown” - Kaafi. Also known as antique brown, it’s somewhere between the dark hues of chaklait and the light tones of dihaat. Kaafi brown can be a somewhat conservative colour but also a more free-spirited one, depending on how it’s worn or what it’s paired with. This shade can look good on just about any item, but it tends to look great on messenger bags. 


Malta bag.
Not to be confused with the Mediterranean island nation, Malta, which means Orange (fruit) is a colour for the bold and those who want to make a statement. First and foremost, it’s orange, so it draws attention. It’s bright and flashy so it will take colour-conservative individuals out of their comfort zone, but it does look great if worn/used right. You want to pair Malta-coloured items with the right apparel and accessories and choose items coloured in this shade wisely in the first place. 


Gulab gloves.
Next up is Gulab. The name is derived from the Rose flower, especially red ones that are a universal symbol of love. This shade of red is more vivacious than brown yet less risque than orange. One thing’s for sure - it’s bold and bright and it will accent anything you wear along with it. Think of it as a red calliper that shines through black tires. Some of our top items that are coloured in Gulab red tend to be popular for the ladies. 


Pani blue.
Pani is a shade of blue. It means water and this deep aqua blue though not the most popular colour when it comes to leather accessories, offers a striking level of freshness and appeal. Nevertheless, those of you who are fashion-conscious know that blue and leather can go in the same sentence. Items such as backpacks and briefcases look stylish in Pani and can complement lighter colours that you may have in your wardrobe. 


Suraj Belt.
Last but not least, we come to Suraj, which happens to be another shade of brown and happens to mean “Sun” in several South Asian languages. Suraj is not the boldest or most experimental colour there is, but it does look elegant and classy. And depending on what you’re buying, elegance and classiness is the name of the game! 

The Many Shades of Leather

If you want to get out of your comfort zone when making a leather purchase, don’t hesitate to experiment with the shades above. Whether it’s the rustic texture of Dihaat (distressed brown) or the energetic radiance of Gulab red, you can make your leather accessories and apparel speak volumes about you.