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What Travel Accessories Should You Buy if You Decide to Fly?

COVID-19 is still spreading like wildfire in new regions, while hard-hit countries are starting to see their numbers drop. With that said, many countries have now reopened their borders and that means international travel can and will slowly resume. Some of you may feel comfortable breaking your travel hiatus and if that’s the case, you might be thinking about buying some new travel accessories. This post will take a look at some trendy travel accessories you can buy, along with practical tips for dealing with lingering restrictions and coronavirus protocols. 

Is it Time to Buy Travel Accessories Now?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes as there are considerably fewer travellers in the skies, meaning that fewer people are buying travel gear anyway. That means discounts, discounts, discounts!
Aside from the sales and promotions, it’s a good idea to stock up on necessary travel accessories since travel restrictions are gradually being lifted and regular travel slowly resumes. More importantly, it’s important to have the right travel accessories by your side so that you can bring coronavirus-ready items for safe and healthy travels as well. To reiterate, yes, now is a great time to buy some new travel accessories. 

What Travel Accessories Should I Get? 

There’s a wide range of available options when it comes to travel accessories. Whether you’re a man, woman, younger, older, a casual traveller or frequent flyer (in the Pre-COVID era), there are travel accessories that will suit your travel needs. With that said, you need to make a few considerations before deciding what travel gear you should get. Here are a few things to consider when making the decision. 

Travel Accessory Considerations 

  • Destination and itinerary
  • Duration of stay 
  • Travel restrictions related to COVID-19 (this may affect where you can travel and for how long, which in turn affects what you can carry)
  • Size and holding capacity
  • Weight
  • Baggage fees/luggage restrictions
  • Price/budget
These considerations are likely familiar to you and some likely need no further explanation. You know that you should buy travel accessories that are budget-friendly and have a reasonable size. However, during the times of COVID-19, some of these considerations have taken on greater or different meanings. 
For example, you need to think about your destination and the duration of your stay more than ever. Certain locals require you to adhere to strict quarantine/self-isolation measures (many of which last 14 days), meaning that your stay will be significantly longer than it would normally be. 
That also means you may have to carry additional supplies, clothing, medicines and other essentials. That calls for buying the right luggage and travel accessories in the first place. Read on for some fabulous tips that can guide you to make some wise choices.

Essential Luggage & Travel Accessories for Travel During COVID

We always advocate travelling simple and light no matter where you’re headed. Of course, some excursions will naturally require you to bring more luggage and more items than others, but you can still keep things simple with the right items. In recent years, airlines have largely restricted passengers to carrying 2 (maybe 3) bags at most. With that rule in mind, we advise you to carry maybe one standard suitcase and add an accompanying piece of carry-on. Here’s where we can help. 

Leather Duffle Bags

Duffle bags make for great carry-on. As long as a duffle adheres to the sizing requirements of your airline, you can definitely put it in the overhead bin. For example, our selection of leather duffle bags is ideal for air travel. 
They feature wide compartments and additional pockets to store multiple items whether its electronics or coronavirus safety gear (ie. mask packages, thermometers). They also come in appropriate dimensions for overhead bins and have adjustable straps to make them easier to carry. 
Best of all, they’re constructed in full-grain, high-quality leather giving them added durability and longevity. 

Leather Backpacks

We’ve written about the virtues of leather backpacks in recent times, especially for women. But anyone can benefit from a leather backpack on their travels. Let’s remind you about some of the advantages - they’re durable, lightweight, have ample space to carry essential items yet compact and fashionable. 
You can easily put a leather backpack in an overhead bin or you can keep it on your lap while you’re in transit. And yes, we carry backpacks made with genuine, full-grain leather that is as tough as it is stylish. 

Leather Toiletries

Of course, the pandemic is still very active and that means we all have to take extra precautions to keep ourselves, loved ones and fellow travellers safe. Speaking of which, you likely keep certain things in arms reach now such as your hand sanitizer, wipes and other antiviral tools. 
It’s easy to misplace these items or mix them up with others, so we advise you to keep in a central location - a toiletry is a great place. We carry leather toiletries that can hold not only your grooming essentials but also, sanitizing and hygienic products that can offer you added protection against COVID-19 and other germs.

Travel Accessories Fitting for the Times

As the world slowly but surely reopens, your opportunities to travel will start to increase. But things have changed. There are new restrictions, rules and risks to consider now, many of which will have an impact on what you travel with. Remember to travel light but with the right gear so that you stay comfortable (and avoid paying extra fees!) even if you have to bring extra items. And most importantly, make sure to stay safe abroad by practicing social distancing measures and wearing your face masks.