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Why Is Distressed Brown Leather So Trendy?

Just as there are leather styles that have grown in popularity, there are also certain colours and shades that have cycled through the world of fashion to become trendy. One of these popular shades is distressed brown leather, which is having a real fashion moment in 2020.
There are tons of products made from distressed brown leather, but the characteristics of this material are still misunderstood. Today, we’ll talk about the appeal behind distressed brown leather, and why shoppers should consider adding this timeless yet trendy staple to their closet.   

The Process Behind Distressed Leather

Distressed brown leather is regular tanned brown leather that’s been treated or ‘distressed’ so that it has a finish that looks aged. Distressing leather is a great way to show off its beautiful natural patterns, and leave the material more soft and supple than new leather that’s never been worn.
Buying something made from distressed leather is a great way to get a rugged, outdoorsy look without having to break in a stiff leather jacket or accessory for weeks or even months. 

What Products to Purchase

Buying a product made from distressed leather is great when you don’t want something you just purchased to look brand-new. Instead, your brand-new piece has the durability and quality of something purchased new, with all the softness and effortlessly chic look of leather that’s been lived in and loved for decades.

Women’s and Men’s Distressed Leather Jackets

A distressed leather jacket is a great accessory to pair with a t-shirt, jeans, and boots. It can dress up even the most everyday outfit, or dress down an evening outfit, adding a splash of carefree cool. 
Whether you pick a biker jacket, or opt for a bomber or pilot-style piece, choosing a distressed brown leather jacket is a great investment for any wardrobe. 

Distressed Leather Backpacks

When purchasing a leather backpack, many people opt for one made with distressed leather. Not only does it look and feel amazing, but the leather on a distressed brown backpack also offers a more scratch-resistant and water-resistant surface, since the distressing covers many regular signs of wear and tear.
Of course, a backpack isn’t the only bag that looks amazing in distressed leather. If you’re a frequent traveller, a distressed brown duffel bag or distressed brown messenger bag both offer plenty of room for any necessity you need on your next trip.

Distressed Leather Belts

A belt is one accessory that too many people skimp on. Belts are a critical wardrobe staple, but many people purchase and repurchase low-quality products instead of investing in one that will be with them forever. 
A distressed leather belt is a great everyday accessory. It matches most pants, and comes with an interchangeable snap system, allowing you to change the buckle to ensure it always fits well and matches your wardrobe.

Shopping the Latest Leather Trends with HIDES Canada

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