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How to Choose a Leather Backpack

Leather backpacks are trendy right now, especially among young professionals. Instead of hauling all of their daily necessities in a bag over their shoulder, or trying to cram them into a purse, they can choose a backpack that offers both functionality and style.
The new leather backpacks that are available today are far and away more sophisticated and elegant than the backpacks we carried as elementary school students. However, they can look just as oversized and awkward if we pick the wrong one. 

Choosing the Right Leather Backpack

To ensure you’re investing in the right leather backpack that will be with you for the next 5-10 years, you’ll need to evaluate its quality, relevant features, and size, and determine which one best suits your lifestyle. 
This is especially true if you’re looking for a leather travel backpack to go with you on trips around the world. The last thing you want is to discover halfway there that your newly-purchased bag is too big to fit under an airplane seat, or too small to accommodate any souvenirs.
Here are some of the characteristics you should consider when shopping for a new leather backpack.

Internal Features

Most of the time when we think of backpacks, we think of the cheap, all-purpose backpacks we used for school. These backpacks had straps and a single zipper, but that’s usually about it. 
Now, most backpacks come with a variety of internal features, including (but not limited to) laptop compartments, water bottle pockets, detachable key fobs, and small zippered pockets for valuables.
When you’re looking for a backpack, think about which features you may want. Some people prefer a wide backpack with plenty of open space, while others gravitate towards backpacks that are segmented, with plenty of pockets.        


The ideal backpack should fit securely on your back without feeling too heavy or cumbersome, even when full. Look at the size of the backpack when you’re scoping out options. Generally, they range between 12” up to 18.5” in length, with most standard backpacks in the 14-17” range. If you’re shorter, you may want to choose a smaller backpack. 


The closure of your backpack affects more than just the look. It can make or break the way you use your bag. 
Think about it - if you don’t like having to go through several steps to close your bag, you’ll use it less and less until it gets relegated to the back of your closet.
There are many different types of backpacks with different closures available from HIDES Canada. Depending on your preference, you can choose one with a double zip, buckle closures, or drawstring. Backpacks with zippers are generally more secure, but a buckle closure and drawstring offer ease of use that many people love.

Leather Quality and Color

​If you want to make an investment in an accessory that will be with you for years, you have to choose a backpack made with premium full-grain cowhide leather. Full-grain leather is the highest possible quality of leather available. It does not tear, and undergoes the least processing of all the leather grades, leaving you with durable, beautiful leather that looks amazing even with frequent use.
When it comes to colour, the sky's the limit! Some people prefer the beautiful shades of natural vegetable-tanned leather, while others love backpacks that have been dyed a variety of colours including fire engine red, black, and midnight blue.   

Shopping at Hides for Your Next Leather Backpack

Now that you’ve done all the research on size, features, and leather quality, you’re ready to pull the trigger on your next leather backpack purchase.
Whether you want a light, easy daypack for carrying your basic essentials to work or a rugged leather backpack that can fit a week’s worth of clothing, there’s something for everyone at HIDES Canada. Shop online today, or contact us to learn more about our custom options.