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Best Leather Tote Bags to Match Your Summer Aesthetic

The summer months mean hours spent relaxing in a park, on the beach, or strolling around your favourite outdoor markets. As many fashionistas know, the best accessory for summer is a stylish and practical tote bag. These bags carry all the essentials that you need when the weather gets warmer - phone, purses, sunscreen - you name it. 
Below, we’ll talk about why a leather tote bag is an ideal accessory to include in your closet during the summer months. 

Leather Tote Bags: The Ideal Summer Accessory

Over the years, the fashion industry has accepted tote bags as being a necessary closet staple. Made from a variety of materials ranging from canvas to plastic, tote bags have made a name for themselves thanks to the style, comfort, and functionality they bring to women’s and men’s lives. 
Yet, why should you be looking at a leather tote bag over other alternatives this summer? While canvas tote bags certainly have their place, if you are looking for a high-quality bag that matches your casual and yet chic summer aesthetic, choosing a leather option is best.
As a material, leather is known for its:
  • Durability & Flexibility: As a material, leather is known for its resistance, durability, and flexibility. This is why leather is largely used in the manufacturing of long-lasting handbags. Over time, the material softens due to its flexibility but never loses its durability making it a perfect accessory to use time and time again.
  • Style & Elegance: There’s a noticeable elegance and style that leather offers which other materials can’t often replicate. When it comes to carrier bags, a leather bag can easily be transitioned from the perfect beach bag to a stylish accessory at the cocktail bar. Handmade with luxurious and fine details, leather handbags rarely go out of style regardless of where you are. 
  • Eco-Friendly Material: Leather is a natural material which means that producing it doesn’t harm or pollute the environment in the same way that synthetic or faux materials can. If you are looking for a summer tote bag that is eco-friendly and natural, then leather is the right material of choice. 
  • Quality: While leather carrier bags are more expensive than other alternatives, there is a reason for that. Leather, especially top-grain leather, can last anywhere up to 10 years when taken care of properly. Investing in a leather bag ensures that you will save in the long run and will enjoy its craftsmanship for years to come. 
While our summer aesthetic may change each year, the benefit of investing in a high-quality tote bag means that you will always have an accessory that elegantly and stylishly complement your summer outfits. Whether it is flowy maxi dresses, a floral co-ord, or an all-white linen ensemble. For more information on how to pick the right leather tote bag for your style and lifestyle, check out our top tips

Leather Bags for Women: Our Top Summer Tote Bag Picks 

At Hides Canada, we believe that no outfit is complete without a high-quality, genuine leather bag. Below, we share our top picks that women should consider when purchasing a leather tote bag this summer.
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