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Why Leather Driving Gloves Reign Supreme

A good pair of driving gloves make a huge difference when it comes to steering control, regardless of whether you are a professional driver or not. For some, these types of gloves are purely a fashion choice while for others, they offer incomparable benefits. 
Material choice plays a large role in deciding which driving gloves are best for you. Below, we’ll discuss why customers reach for leather driving gloves time and again. 

Leather Driving Gloves: Offering Style, Substance and Function 

You will undoubtedly have seen the main protagonist of many action movies slip on a pair of driving gloves before an epic scene involving a high-speed car chase down a busy highway and multiple Michael Bay-esque explosions. 
Yes, they are unbelievably cool-looking and a bold fashion statement but, leather driving gloves also offer multiple benefits when in the car or on a motorbike. If you are wondering what those are, we are way ahead of you. 
Benefits of wearing driving gloves 
  • Better Control and Grip: Many professional race car drivers wear driving gloves for the simple fact that they improve grip and steering control. When racing at speeds of 200 mph or more, you need every bit of control that you can get to prevent your car or bike from going off course. But, they also have their uses in everyday use. Wearing leather driving gloves provide extra tack giving you improved control over the steering wheel - this can be invaluable especially for those moments when you’re exiting a highway’s on-ramp in poor weather conditions. 
  • Reduces Hand Fatigue: Hand fatigue is very common, especially among those who have to commute for long distances each day. Wearing driving gloves, especially those that are made from genuine leather can help to reduce any irritation or fatigue felt from holding a steering wheel or handlebars by reducing vibrations, providing ventilation, and acting as a barrier layer. 
  • Protects the Steering Wheel/Handlebars: Over time, the oils and dirt from our hands can deteriorate the steering wheels of our cars and the handlebars of our motorbikes. By investing in a pair of driving gloves, you can ensure that your car or bike continues to look aesthetically pleasing while also improving its resale value. 
  • Provides Additional Comfort: Driving in extreme weather, whether the bitter cold of a Canadian winter or the sweltering heat of a Florida heatwave, can take its toll on our hands. In colder temperatures, driving gloves act as an insulator keeping your hands warm. While in warm weather, it acts as a barrier preventing moisture from transferring from your hands to the steering wheel or handlebars. 
But, why are leather driving gloves considered the best option? While driving gloves can be made in various fabrics, as a material choice leather is a superior choice. Not only is this fabric known for its durability but it also offers incomparable flexibility and comfort. If you plan on wearing driving gloves for extended periods of time, investing in a high-quality pair made with genuine leather will offer you the most value for your money. 

Handmade in Canada: Our Top Leather Driving Glove Picks 

At Hides, we offer a variety of luxury leather goods. Our driving gloves are handcrafted in Canada using high-quality, top-grain leather. If you are looking for a pair of leather gloves that will offer you sophistication, comfort and functionality, these selections won’t disappoint.
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