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How to Choose The Right Leather Jacket Colour This Fall

Before you step out in the cold, fall weather, you will more than likely take a jacket to keep yourself warm. You could opt for a windbreaker, a light jacket or a winter coat. For the most part, you can get away with any of these options, but the best one will always be a leather jacket. Whether you wear it for travel purposes, a fun night out or to protect you while outdoors, leather leads the way. Leather jackets are available in a variety of styles, designs, hides and colours. Fancy leather jackets lend their own charm. The rugged look tells a different story. In order to choose the perfect leather jacket for the fall season, it would be beneficial to consider the following!

The Look

Leather jackets have character. The style gives you a certain look. Rugged black leather jackets make men look macho. Smooth, polished designs with a sleek cut can make women look stylish. Each design lends its own attitude.

The Feel

Leather jackets feel warm and snug. It provides fantastic protection from wind chill. Even fancy leather jackets are strong, durable and long lasting. A high-quality leather jacket can last forever which makes them well worth the investment.

If you are shopping for the right colour and style, consider these tips before you set out.


Match with your shoes

The rule of thumb is to not wear shoes that might clash and ruin the look. Wear black leather jackets with black shoes; brown jackets with brown boots. Even if they are not of the same exact colour, the shades should harmonize with each other. “Bomber jackets” were first designed in brown because that’s the natural colour of most cowhide. Black became popular later but both continue to rule the roost. Choose any of these two colours for the classic, traditional routes.


Stain-Proof Jackets

If you are a biker, a hiker, a camper or an outdoor junkie, you may want a jacket that’s as hardy as you. Choose a colour and texture that hides stains from dirt and mud. You can’t go wrong with black or brown. Dark tones conceal stains more effectively.


Formal, Informal Wear

Leather comes in many versatile styles. Choose a cut that’s perfect for the rough outdoors. You can select a tailored cut for formal wear or go for a casual colour for less formal occasions. They are tones in navy, charcoal gray, red, yellow, sky blue and beige available. Don’t forget to match your shirt with the colour of your jacket. A black or white shirt will match with most colours. You can choose to contrast too.


Hybrid Leather Jackets

Have you ever seen hybrid leather jackets or two-tone jackets? They are a striking alternative to the single-tone ones. Some of them combine Nappa sheepskin leather of two colours. Nappa leather is made from animal skin by tanning. It is soft, dyed and extremely supple. Styles can combine black with red stripes or brown with yellow.


Avoid White for Fall Season

For the fall season, we suggest you avoid white leather jackets. White is cooling and lightweight which may not serve the purpose for keeping you warm in this season. White is a soothing colour before Labour Day but later, you may want deeper tones. To stand out from the clutter, why not go for something totally different such as red? A rich red jacket made with premium full-grain leather looks classy and striking. You can dress it up or dress it down and it goes with a wide variety of outfits. Be bold and choose something different if you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe.


Fade-Proof or Faded

Sun exposure is an important element in considering the colour of your jacket. The sun can affect the shade of the hide. Red and yellow tend to fade more easily. Darker hues last long.

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