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Shopping For a Genuine Leather Handbag? Keep These Tips in Mind

There is nothing better than owning a genuine leather handbag of your own. However, if you’re looking to invest in your first leather piece, it is important to keep vital shopping tips in mind especially when purchasing online.
This post will look at the top considerations that all ladies should take note of when adding a real leather handbag to their accessory game. 

Looking to Add a Genuine Leather Handbag to Your Accessory Collection?

A leather handbag can add a certain je ne sais quoi to an outfit. Not only are these accessories the perfect mix of style and elegance but they are highly practical and will serve you well for years to come (provided you shower them with some TLC). 
Many know the importance of choosing a handbag that is reliable, sturdy, and stylish. That is why the decision to add a genuine leather handbag to your closet should not be made in haste. Rather, you will need to ensure that you’re investing in a piece that will not only add major style points to your wardrobe but will confidently carry your items from one season to the next. 

Tips to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Real Leather Bag

Leather items may be a staple of Millennial fashion but that doesn’t mean you should rush to buy from the first brand that you see promoted by your favourite fashion blogger or influencer. Genuine leather handbags are an investment piece. That’s why you need to do your research before buying, especially when purchasing online.  

Real vs Fake Leather: How To Tell the Difference

The first question you should ask yourself is whether the brand you’re considering buying from sells products made from real leather. There are many sites out there that promise to deliver genuine leather but then once the product arrives you find the fabric is anything but. 
Your first clue is how the product is labelled. Real or genuine leather will never be labelled as being man-made. If it is, then the brand has used a synthetic material to replicate the look of leather. If it isn’t labelled at all, then this is a sure sign that the leather is fake. 
A reputable brand and manufacturer will be proud of the quality of the leather that they use and will make that known on the product itself and in the online description for the product. Look out for descriptors such as real leather, genuine leather, full grain or top grain leather. 
If there is any question that the item you’re looking at buying is anything but the real deal, look elsewhere. For more information on how to check if your leather accessory is of good quality, check out our previous post on how to identify real leather.

Determine Leather Type and Quality

The type and quality of the leather that you choose will greatly impact how your handbag will look and feel. 
In terms of leather type, avoid any products that are described as using bonded leather. Instead, a full-grain or genuine leather handbag will offer you amazing quality while making sure that your style is on point. 
For quality, there are two considerations to keep in mind: hide selection and tanning. The hide selection refers to how many natural marks are featured on the leather or how “clean” it is. Tanning refers to how animal skin is treated to make leather. Ideally, it is better to look for manufacturers that use either mineral or vegetable-based tanning methods and offer highly graded hide selections. 
After all, the main attraction of genuine leather is the fact that it is all-natural. So, if you’re looking for a quality leather handbag then make sure the finish of the product is both naturally appealing and naturally made. 

Look for Quality Hardware, Linings and Finishes

While the quality of the leather will be an important factor in your buying decision so should the hardware and finishings.
When it comes to the lining of a bag, this should be durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Make sure to think long-term in this aspect - any bag lining that appears flimsy reflects the lifespan and craftsmanship of the product. 
The hardware is just as important and should not be compromised. We’ve all struggled with a poor-quality zipper on a piece of clothing or an accessory that inevitably left us breaking the zip out of pure frustration. That is the last thing that you want when buying a genuine leather handbag. 
Once a zipper fails, the bag will become useless. Before committing to a purchase, make sure that the manufacturer uses high-quality zippers that operate smoothly and are set into the bag properly. Additionally, any buckles, rivets or d-rings should be securely attached with extra stitching to reinforce stress points. 

Know Your Style 

Once you have determined that the quality of the real leather handbag will live up to your expectations you need to focus on style. Bags come in all shapes and sizes so try to decipher what style you need depending on how you plan to wear it. 
Will it need to fit a laptop? Does the bag need enough pockets to fit your phone along with toys and necessities for your children? Or, are you just looking for a cute new accessory to pair with your favourite summer dress? 
Once you know the answer to this, then you are set to buy the leather handbag of your dreams. 

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