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How to Store Leather Handbags

As tough and durable as leather maybe, it’s not invincible to the elements. It can be affected by temperature, light and other external factors, making it crucial for you to know how to store it. 
This rings true even more so for handbags. 
They are often subjected to more wear-and-tear because of the things you might carry in them, not to mention, the fact that you probably carry your handbag with you daily. So proper storage is essential - it can mean the difference between longevity or rapid deterioration. 
But we’ll examine how you can store your leather handbags so that you don’t have to trash it prematurely. 

How to Store Leather in a Concealed Spot 

Storing leather is just as important as cleaning it. In fact, proper storage may counteract a poor cleaning routine or general negligence (although we don’t recommend you treating your leather handbag this way!). Your handbag’s leather quality is a byproduct of its environment, so you want to make sure that the location you store it in is a “healthy” one. 

Where to Keep Your Leather Bag

  • Cool and dark spots - Excessive sun exposure leads to discolouration in leather, so it’s vital to keep your leather bag in a dark place. The temperature matters too - excessive heat can cause the leather to crack and dry out, which will wear out your handbag rapidly. So keep it in a closet or corner that’s safe from the sun or excessively bright lights. 
  • Keep it near a dehumidifier - Imbalances in humidity can alter the tensile strength of leather, meaning that leather fibres may tighten or loosen. Low humidity tends to dry out the leather and makes it crack. On the other hand, humidity can promote the growth of organisms that can damage your leather handbag. A particularly sinister and gross enemy of leather is mould, which occurs in environments with high humidity. So our advice is to keep your handbag near a dehumidifier. 
  • Store it in a dust bag - Dust isn’t really a problem for leather - you can simply wipe it off - but the reason for storing your leather handbag in a dust bag has to do with its shape. Stuffing your leather handbag in a packed drawer or cabinet can cause it to get squashed or warped if other items press on it. A dust bag, which is cut to the right size of your handbag, prevents it from getting squished while protecting it from spills and liquids.  

Basic Practices to Make Leather Storage Safer 

Just because your leather handbag is in a safe spot, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it until it’s time to take it with you. Even when your leather handbag is in a suitable environment, neglect or improper care can lead to faster wear-and-tear and damage. That’s why it’s crucial for you to treat your leather with regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Cleaning Practices for a Leather Handbag in Storage

  • Rotate your handbags - Leather tends to fold or bend when stored in the same position for long periods of time, resulting in unwanted creasing. Simply rotating them or switching their position every so often can prevent them from getting warped in shape. 
  • Wipe them down - Assuming your leather is in a safe storage place, you don’t have to worry about spills or stains too much. Nevertheless, you should still wipe your bags down regularly to keep them disinfected and odour-free. You can read a more detailed guide on how to do this from start to finish. 
  • Use a leather conditioner - The consistency and strength of leather fibres change over time and as they do, the material may wrinkle or flake. To prevent this, you should apply some leather conditioner at least once a year, buffing it with a dry cloth. 

The “No-No’s” of Storing Leather Handbags

Of course, certain habits may cancel out the positive effects of proper storage and regular cleaning. In other words, you’ll take one step forward then two steps backwards in your attempts to preserve your leather handbag. These habits are easy to identify and stop but worth mentioning regardless.

Avoid these Leather Handbag Storage Crimes

  • Avoid overcleaning your bag - A buildup of soap or detergent compounds, which happens with frequent cleaning, can actually speed up the deterioration of leather. So don’t wipe your bag every day! 
  • Avoid putting your bag on concrete - Concrete floors promote and facilitate the growth of fungi such as mould, an organism that can grow on leather. Keep your leather handbags away from concrete to prevent mould growth and the general “icky” feeling that comes with knowing that concrete may have germs! 
  • Not all storage places (or methods) will protect your leather handbag. Find out how you should store your handbag to protect it from damage.
    Avoid using your bag in bad weather - Certain types of leather may have a degree of weather resistance, but most leather types are susceptible to water damage. Therefore, you should keep them at home on rainy or snowy days. 

Find a Safehouse for Your Leather Handbags

Leather is tough yet delicate. It can take a beating but exposure to certain elements or environments can make it weak and unsightly. That’s why your leather handbag needs a safehouse. You can store it anywhere, as long as that place has a suitable level of humidity, lighting (low lighting) and temperature (cool being ideal). 
Also, make sure to keep clean it regularly (but not too regularly) and away from harsh weather and surfaces that can damage it. If you follow these practices, you can be sure to own leather handbags that will last for a lifetime. 
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