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How to Protect Your Leather Accessories from Water Damage

There’s a lot to love about leather - it’s stylish, it’s hardy and it’s versatile. One thing leather is not, however, is waterproof. That may go against common belief, but the reality is that your leather accessories and apparel can sustain damage from water exposure. 
A little bit of water exposure usually just makes leather stiff, but too much of it can damage its fibres. So it’s vital for you to protect your precious leather goods from the ravages of water. Fortunately, you can keep your items safe by adhering to a few easy-to-follow tips and reminders. 

Simple Steps to Keep Your Leather Safe From Water 

In many instances, when someone’s leather accessories or apparel is ruined by water, it’s because they exposed it to a source of water unnecessarily. People can avoid water damage by simply preventing their leather goods from getting wet. With that said, let’s start with the no-brainer solutions to keep your leather accessories safe from water damage.

Carry an Umbrella 

If for whatever reason you can’t keep a leather jacket or purse at home on a rainy day, carry an umbrella. Seriously, it’s a convenient and thrifty fix that doesn’t need much explanation. The only time an umbrella might not be very effective is when strong winds blow the rain sideways. Of course, if that’s the case and it’s in the forecast, follow this next step...

Avoid Wearing it on Very Rainy Days Altogether

You should really keep your leather accessories home if there are torrential rains or thunderstorms with heavy downpours (you should stay home if you can!). You’re better off wearing a raincoat or a waterproof jacket on days when it’s raining hard. Even if it’s not raining much but there’s flooding in your area, you’re better off keeping your leather at home to avoid potential splashes from puddles. 

The More “Advanced” Water Damage Protection for Leather

Now the universe has ways of exposing us to things we want to avoid at all costs sometimes, including scenarios where water might ruin our favourite leather goods. For example, you might get caught in an unexpected rain shower (curse the weatherman!) or somehow get water splashed onto your jacket. 
These are occurrences you have little control over, so all you can do is react the right way, and that’s by caring for your leather items after too much water exposure. Quick action will prevent your items from sustaining water damage. 

Hand Dry Your Leather Accessories & Apparel 

Some people might just throw their leather items into a clothes dryer after it’s been soaked. That’s a bad idea. Dryers are too aggressive and too hot for leather and can damage the fabrics. 
That’s why you should hand dry your items instead. Simply hand dry your item with a clean, dry towel and blot the excess water. Provided you dry your leather jacket, purse or accessory sooner than later, you won’t have to worry about any damage to the material. 
With that said, you can proceed to the next step...

Store Your Leather Accessories & Apparel in Moderately Dry Place 

The keyword here is “moderately”. Yes, you need to store your leather jacket or backpack in an environment that’s dry to protect from water damage (even when it hasn’t been exposed to excess water). 
However, too much dryness is not ideal either. If you store leather in an area that has no moisture whatsoever, the leather fibres will dry out too much, which will lead to cracking and peeling. 
So choose your storage location wisely. We recommend storing your items in a place that has a balance of cool temperatures and mid-level humidity (away from basements or attics) such as ground or second-floor closets. 

Apply a Silicone Spray or Gel 

For added protection, you can use a silicone spray on your leather items to protect them from water damage. As its name implies, these sprays add a layer of liquid silicone that serves as a protective barrier for your leather accessories and apparel. 
Before using a silicone (or any protective) spray, make sure to remove any leftover dirt, dust or debris from your jacket with a damp washcloth. Afterwards, you can apply the spray onto your items. The silicone will start to form a protective shield once it dries. 

Don’t Let Your Leather Accessories Drown

Water and leather are not mortal enemies, but the results of letting them mingle too much will frustrate you. That’s why you need to limit the amount of exposure your leather has with water. Avoiding weather or an environment that’s very wet and watery is the first step to keeping your leather goods protected. 
Of course, that won’t always be possible so it’s important to dry off and store your accessories and apparel in the right manner. Doing so will allow you to make the most of your leather goods for years to come. 
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