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Fall Leather Essentials for Men - Accessories & Apparel

Now that the leaves are changing colours, it’s time to start thinking about your fall fashion gear. With that said, you should give leather accessories and gear serious consideration. It’s true that the COVID-19 pandemic has put limits on what you can do and where you can go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. With that said, this post will take a look at some essential quality leather apparel and accessories men should try for fall 2020. 

List of Essential Men’s Leather Goods & Apparel 

If you’re a fashionable man who’s looking to add some new leather to your wardrobe, then you’ll want to look at the following list as a guide. You’ll find leather accessories and apparel listed here from head to toe. 

Leather Accessories & Apparel: Essentials for Men

  1. Men’s Leather Jacket
  2. Men’s Leather Messenger Bag / Briefcase
  3. Men’s Leather Belts
  4. Men’s Leather Gloves 
No matter what leather accessory or leather apparel you’re after, you’re bound to find something that is trendy, functional and season-appropriate this fall.

Leather Jackets 

2020 has been tough on all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic literally uprooted our daily routines - and life - as we know it. With that said, you’ve made it this far. It’s time to treat yourself. We’re talking about a high-quality, leather jacket, of course. Bomber, motorcycle and racer jackets tend to have a more rugged appearance, which is perfect if you want that “tough-guy” vibe. The textures of these jackets appear more rippled compared to smoother looks of other leather jackets.  Additionally, the colour of the jacket can make it more rugged as well. Brown, is the most rugged colour of them all because of its earthy, rustic attributes (ie. think cowboys with brown boots or pants). However, black leather jackets for men can be just as commanding as well. 

Our Top Picks for Leather Jackets

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Leather Duffel Bags

Many of you have gone back to the office and of course, how long you’ll be there depends on the changing circumstances of this pandemic. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a leather duffel bag, especially if you’re a young professional.  Throughout the years we’ve seen action movies where the male protagonists carry duffel bags. The contents of the duffel bags vary depending on the movie (often heaps of cash), but they all tend to communicate that this man “means business”. Realistically speaking, duffel bags can be very functional depending on your routine, allowing you to carry your most important items with you such as tech, clothing and more.  But duffel bags are also very trendy and stylish.  A lot of men resist the idea of carrying a bag with them, because they see bags as being feminine. However, duffel bags can be a great fashion accessory - the right one will complement the rest of your wardrobe. Distressed brown duffel bags, in particular, look rugged yet chic enough for a man to show off his fashion sense and strength at the same time. 

Our Top Picks for Leather Duffel Bags

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Leather Belts 

Men often pay attention to what goes above and below the belts - but not the belt itself. Which is odd because a belt - especially a leather belt - can be one of the most distinctive components of a man’s wardrobe.  Sure, people may notice a man’s shoes first, but that doesn’t mean his belt is invisible. With that said, a leather belt can accent the rest of a man’s wardrobe, especially when the colour complements other items such as leather jackets or shoes.  After all, rockstars and models don’t flaunt their belts for nothing! 

Our Top Picks for Leather Belts

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Leather Gloves

Maybe you don’t want to think about gloves because they’re a grim reminder of the coming winter...brr! Nevertheless, leather gloves are a must-have accessory for the modern man (and frankly, women too).  In a previous post, we discussed the impact movies have made on leather fashion choices. One such movie was the 2011 film, Drive, starring Ryan Gosling in which the character he played was seen sporting a pair of brown leather gloves in many scenes. In a way, it served as means of characterization and it’s no different from the everyday man who’s not an A-list movie star.  Leather gloves do many things.  They’re functional in the sense that they’ll keep your hands warm and can make handling a steering more comfortable. But more importantly, they’re also a great fashion choice as well. They go well with the right leather jacket and are a natural fit for various activities such as riding a motorcycle or even just posing in pictures. 

Our Top Picks for Leather Gloves

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Fall Leather for 2020 & Beyond

It’s been a heck of year - saying that is really an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest from protests and more has given us all more to stress about than we really want to. The least you can do after surviving such a tough year is to give yourself the gift of leather. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of leather accessories and apparel for you to make that happen.   Looking for the latest leather accessories and apparel for men? Browse through our selection of men’s leather items or get in touch with us