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How to Choose a Leather Tote Bag that Fits Your Wardrobe & Lifestyle

If you’ve seen some of the trendiest celebrity looks lately, especially among Hollywood’s leading ladies, you’ll notice that leather tote bags are en vogue. Tote bags - the word “tote” meaning to carry - were normally used as reusable shopping bags but they’ve now become ubiquitous fashion accessories.

Use A Leather Tote Bag for the Right Reasons

True, a leather tote bag is now a fashion choice, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about comfort and function. So before thinking about how a tote bag will match with your jacket, think first about what you’ll carry inside of it. 

First off, when you’re looking to buy a leather tote bag, think about its size. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong size since some people will need a tote bag that’s bigger or smaller. But keep in mind that different sizes have upsides and tradeoffs. 

Smaller bags look “cute” and are easier to carry, but they can’t hold a lot of items. The opposite is obviously true as well - larger bags will hold a lot more of your items, but they can be a (literal) pain to carry. With that in mind, you’ll have to decide what matters to you most so that you can pick the bag that caters to your needs. 

You should also give thought to what you’re going to put into a leather tote bag as well, as this will determine what material you should buy. Some of the accessories you might want to throw into the bag may cause premature wear-and-tear, which you’d obviously want to avoid. 

Pick a Leather Tote Bag that’s Built to Last

Regardless of how delicate and careful you are with your stuff, you should pick a leather tote bag that’s made with sturdy and hardy materials. The stronger the materials used in the bag, the longer it will last against the elements (ie. weather) and scenarios where the bag might sustain damage. The last thing you want is to shell out a decent amount of cash on a fancy bag that falls apart too soon. So pay attention to the materials used. 

With that said, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your choice of tote bags, but leather is the best of all worlds. Leather is stylish and elegant, not to mention durable and hardy. 

A leather tote bag can enhance just about any item in your wardrobe, and as an accessory, it’s sure to attract attention on its own. Also, when carefully maintained, leather will last longer compared to other types of material. 

Give Thought to a Leather Tote Bag’s Hardware

A somewhat overlooked aspect of leather tote bags (and bags in general), is the hardware they come with. Hardware refers to components like straps, buckles, zippers, rings and other “add-ons” that can add functionality to the bag. These components may allow you to carry more weight or make your bag more comfortable to wear. 

Many leather tote bags come with a unique set of hardware, which will make the bag easier to carry, not to mention more able to handle heavier items. If you see yourself hauling a lot of stuff in your bag, then you might want to consider buying a bag that has these additional hardware components. 

Also, think of how the hardware will affect the look of your leather tote bag. A well-placed button or buckle, or a crafty zipper, is as much a design element as it is a functional one. If you’re into fancy patterns and designs, then you will want to pick up a leather tote bag that has these fancy buttons or zippers. But if you prefer a more minimalist look, then you will want to steer clear of bags with overly fancy hardware. 

When Buying a Leather Tote Bag, Think About Colour

On the design side of things, the colour of your bag can make or break its appearance. There are no right or wrong colours per se, only wrong colour combinations. In other words, you might pick a leather tote bag that doesn’t really match with the majority of your wardrobe. 

If you wouldn’t consider yourself to be the best matchmaker of colour, there are tools to help you out such as this nifty colour dressing guide.

Colours matter when matching your messenger bag with your wardrobe.

An ideal way to use this chart is to base your leather bag as a complimentary item (listed above) in conjunction with the base colours of your clothing. So for example, if you’re wearing a beige dress, then you might want to complement it with a brown leather tote bag and so forth.

A Leather Tote Bag - The Missing Piece of Your Wardrobe

A leather tote bag will not only look great hanging on your arm, but it can also serve as an upgrade to your wardrobe. They’re trendy and chic and if you buy one made with genuine leather, you can expect it to stay with you for a long time. If you’re looking to buy a leather tote bag soon, then make sure to check out our selection of leather tote bags for women. They’ll help you take your fashion game to another level.