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Forget Diamonds: A Leather Backpack is a Girl's Best Friend

The days of carrying a heavy bag on your shoulders around your shoulders are over. So are the days of pulling heavy suitcases and luggage around. COVID has curtailed the need to buy travel gear over the past few months, but the gradual re-opening of travel and activities opportunities might soon necessitate some new “carry-ons”. 
That’s where a leather backpack comes in handy. The leather backpack is a must-have for the 21st-century woman and for many good reasons. In fact, it’s a combination of all the things you love about traditional “luggage” minus their hassles. 

A Leather Backpack Takes Strain Off Your Back, Neck & Shoulders

Let’s start with ergonomics here. We underestimate and frankly, ignore the damage that heavy shoulder bags (among other types of bags) inflict on our poor skeletons. 
It doesn’t matter how strong and sculpted your arms and shoulders are - too much load on your back and shoulders is unhealthy. Science has proven it. 
Physiologist Sammy Margo conducted an experiment on women between the ages of 21 and 55, where she weighed their bags to determine the possible effects of carrying heavy loads.  Margo found that the bags weighed anywhere between 8 and 22 pounds - the weight of a newborn or small child. 
It’s no wonder that so many women complain about back pain, tension headaches and fatigue. 
Fortunately, a leather backpack is designed to be lightweight and can be a perfect substitute for purses and bags that may tempt you to carry too much weight. Leather purses and suitcases are naturally heavy, but leather backpacks are naturally light. Leather backpacks are also lighter than traditional backpacks made of nylon, a characteristic made possible by the tanning process. 
The lightweight nature of leather backpacks makes them comfortable to wear and less of a strain on your body. 

Leather Backpacks Look Fashionable

Let’s face it - your run-of-the-mill backpack probably doesn’t compliment a dress or romper very well. It just looks tacky. However, a leather backpack can match with just about any outfit and will go well with pretty much anything in your closet. Leather exudes elegance - it looks classy and luxurious and high-quality leather backpacks don’t sacrifice this look. 
It’s no wonder leather backpacks have become a staple item for Millennials. With that said, some of the biggest celebs on the planet right now have rocked some ridiculously leather backpacks. Think Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner, among many others. 
Popular Instagram influencers, fashion bloggers and other internet personalities have demonstrated the fashion possibilities of wearing leather backpacks. All you have to do is browse through your social media to see the rise in their popularity - and for inspiration in terms of how to make them match your wardrobe. 

Leather Backpacks Are Ideal for Travellers 

Yes, at the time of this writing, most of us can’t really venture out too far due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never travel again. As governments start to gradually ease these restrictions, many of you will be able to resume your travel plans and that means plotting new routes and buying new gear. Speaking of gear, you might need some new luggage and if that’s the case, then consider getting a leather backpack. 
Sure, it won’t fit all your essentials but it can hold a surprisingly vast amount of items thanks to its sturdiness (more on this later). For example, a leather backpack can hold your documents, a laptop/tablet, even a light outfit if you need to change on the go. They also tend to have exterior compartments that allow you to store additional items such as a smartphone or a water bottle. 
You can typically find such pockets at the front and side of a leather backpack, allowing for convenient access to your items. Another beauty of a leather backpack is that it can store these items without it becoming bent out of shape or distorted. 
That brings us to our next point. 

A Leather Backpack Excels at Durability 

If you’re a frequent traveller or someone who’s always on the go, your luggage and bags need to be hardy. The constant exposure to various elements such as temperature, humidity, precipitation, debris, impacts and more, makes it vital that your luggage is sturdy. Fortunately, leather backpacks made with the highest quality grains are able to withstand the world. 
A high-quality leather backpack can weather decades of harsh conditions, the sort of longevity you won’t typically get from a nylon or canvas backpack. The hardiness of these backpacks makes them suitable for uses beyond travel as well such as for school, work or just running errands. Since they’re so durable, you can even get away with not having to buy multiple backpacks for different uses or functions. 
In other words, your leather backpack will be a keeper. 

A Leather Backpack Takes the Weight Off Your Shoulders 

Finding and buying the right luggage can be a pain in the neck in both a literal and figurative sense. The wrong choice can be too heavy for your back and shoulders and cause discomfort, not to mention, look bland in appearance and offer little in terms of durability. Fortunately, a leather backpack is the ultimate modern solution to your #travelbaggageproblems. 
They provide the perfect blend of fashion, function and fortitude (durability) that you won’t find with other types of bags and luggage. So if you’re looking for new travel gear, consider getting a leather backpack - you won’t look back!
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